<b>Authentic Mexican food made with fresh, flavorful ingredients.</b><br /><b>Best Mexican Food in Mesa</b><br />Nachos Mi Amigo's<b>Flan Clasico Tres Leche</b><br />Try our delicious flan for dessert!


Thanks for coming to our party

Thanks for coming to our party

Thanks for celebrating with us!!!


At Mi Amigo’s Mexican Grill, we believe that items made fresh provide a flavorful and authentic experience. Our tortillas and salsa are made fresh daily. If avocados are in season, ask your server to make a GUACAMOLE ALA MESA. They’ll mash up an avocado with tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper right at your table.

We hope you'll enjoy Mi Amigo’s Mexican Grill with it's vibrant atmosphere and friendly service.

David Candland